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Causes of Red Eyes & How to Clear up Stoned Eyes Fast

There is a reason why cannabis-related movies helped make dark sunglasses more common. Enter the individual whose eyes were so red that it was obvious what he was doing while taking a break. So, for those who want to conceal cannabis red eye, wearing sunglasses makes a lot of sense.

Many people believe that smoke irritation is the cause of red eye symptoms. But smoking cigarettes won't give you red eyes. However, did you know that edibles and vaping can also cause unmistakable red eyes? Consequently, THC impacts your eyes in various ways; it is not just about clouds of smoke or vapor.

But there is some good news as well. THC may lessen other painful conditions and even assist your eyes.

Why Does Marijuana Make Your Eyes Red?

In essence, blood vessels and blood pressure play key roles. As soon as cannabis enters the body, THC raises heart rate and blood pressure.

It is similar to a short pick-up game of basketball or a stroll around the block to the circulatory system. However, unlike extended activity, blood pressure and heart rate will return to normal resting levels after ten minutes or so of the THC processing.

When blood pressure drops, blood vessels widen. This phenomenon is most obvious in the ocular capillaries but occurs throughout the body.

Your eyes begin to look redder and glossier as more blood rushes to them. The increased blood supply to the eyes also lowers intraocular pressure. Since the 1990s, marijuana has been a cornerstone in treating the prevalent eye condition glaucoma since intraocular pressure is one of the main aggravating symptoms of the disease.

Red eyes are caused by increased blood flow to the ocular capillaries; however, hundreds upon thousands of glaucoma patients get relief from this sensation while using medical marijuana.

Can Edibles Cause Your Eyes to Redden?

Like smoking cannabis flower, the amount of THC in an edible product determines whether it will cause eye-reddening. If your favorite consumable contains 50mg of THC, you will likely have bloodshot eyes. You probably won't appear nearly as stoned in public if your next magic brownie contains a lot of CBD and only a few milligrams of THC.

Traditional edibles take a little bit longer to make you high and create bloodshot eyes since the liver metabolizes the THC rather than directly into the bloodstream.

Dabs, tinctures, topicals, vaporizer cartridges, and other cannabis products follow the same rule.

The cardiovascular system chain reaction we've been talking about will probably cause your eyes to get red and give away your heady habits if your method of ingestion comprises a significant amount of THC. You won't reveal your cannabis secret using a CBD vape cart or a CBN tincture.

The amount of bloodshot eyes varies from individual to person.

If you and others around you regularly use cannabis, you've undoubtedly already seen that different people react differently to the same strain. These varying outcomes result from several crucial factors, including heredity, sex, general health, and frequency of use (increased frequency causes cannabinoid tolerance). The eyes may have caught your attention in the same way. Some people experience fairly severe thrombocytopenia; however, the change is hardly noticeable or nonexistent for others.

The person's blood pressure has a direct impact on the redness. For instance, THC won't be able to lower your blood pressure enough if you have high blood pressure for your eyes to get extremely red.

As many people are extremely sensitive to smoke, allergies can also contribute to the overall "bloodshot volume." Cannabis allergy is another cause of increased redness, but red eyes are the least of the worries for users who suffer from this unpleasant condition.

How Can Cannabis Red Eyes Be Removed?

Veteran cannabis users are equipped with a few tricks and advice. Especially when it comes to hiding the most obvious indication that someone has used cannabis: red, irritated eyes; the redness will eventually go away, so there is always the option of waiting it out. The redness often fades after an hour to two. It may take up to four hours for some people to recover.

The following techniques can help lessen cannabis red eye:

Drink plenty of water.

Every mucous membrane in your body becomes dehydrated when you do. That also applies to the eyes. Water consumption is advised both before and after medicinal marijuana use to hasten the return of normal vision.

Dehydration symptoms are also well-known side effects of certain cannabis strains. If you want to lessen the severity of dry eyes after your edible or smoke session, stay away from cannabis that says it produces "cottonmouth" or "dry eyes."

Make use of eye drops.

Result-oriented soothing eye drops with all-natural moisturizers are available. Before smoking or vaping cannabis, some people opt to apply eye drops. At the same time, some people wait till they detect the redness before using it.

To treat red eye symptoms, use a hydrating eye solution before and after ingesting THC (which is smokable or edible). This lessens the intensity of the inflammation and aids in clearing THC particles from the eyes so they are once again dazzling white.

Use caffeine

Tea, coffee, soda, or an energy drink? It doesn't matter how you consume your caffeine, but you should increase your caffeine intake to eliminate the appearance of red eyes. Because caffeine constricts eye blood vessels, but THC dilates them. And less discomfort and visible redness result from that.

Some people like to "wake and bake" by brewing their coffee with cannabis. Considering that combining THC and caffeine will prevent glow-in-the-dark eyes for a few hours, it seems like a good idea.

And depending on the strain you're taking, coffee can also help counteract some sedative effects.

Cold compressor

If your eyes are extremely red, leave immediately because the other solutions do not work. It's time to get your eye compresses out. Try applying a cold compress to your eyes for fifteen minutes. It works best with green tea, but you might also try a heated teabag.

If nothing else works, put on some sunglasses and go outside. That is one of the rationales behind the creation of sunglasses. It is also a good idea since your eyes may be more reactive than usual, and exposure may lengthen your cannabis-induced red-eye duration.

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