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What You Need to Know - Does Marijuana Expire?

Just like substances like broccoli and spinach have an expiration date, the same applies to marijuana. However, marijuana last longer than the mentioned lettuce. Generally, your marijuana will expire after twelve months if you store it in a cool and dry place, preferably an airtight container.

Experts advise consuming marijuana when it is still at its optimal freshness level. This will ensure you take advantage of the substance’s medicinal cannabinoids and other valuable compounds. Also, the shelf life of marijuana solely depends on the type of product, such as flower, tincture, edible, etc., and the ingredients it is made of.

Marijuana Freshness Tips

The expiration of marijuana depends on the product you purchase; however, read the necessary guidelines for any marijuana product you buy. Also, read the labels or get advice from your doctor to know when your marijuana will expire. Below are the expiry dates instructions for some marijuana products:


The expiration date of marijuana edible depends on the ingredients it is made from. For instance, edibles with perishable ingredients don’t last long. Edibles with eggs, milk, cookies, and brownies will only last 2-3 days if you properly store them. Every edible purchased in dispensaries always has preservatives that give them longer shelf lives. However, check the packaging to learn more about its expiration.

Marijuana-infused candies only have a small amount of perishable ingredients compared to baked goods. This ensures that it lasts six to nine months, provided that it is stored in a cool, dry place.


The expiry date of a cannabis flower depends on how well you keep and cure it. If you properly cure, store, and dry the flower, it may last one and a half years; however, its potency will reduce after six months. The best thing is to consume flowers in six months or less since it is impossible to maintain high-level storage conditions.

Hash and wax

The expiration of hash or wax depends on the number of flowers it contains. These kinds of marijuana last longer when it has a little flower. Store hash and wax in a cool, dark, and dry location to avoid mold development and potency loss. Usually, hashish contains a large number of flowers, and its shelf life is about 18 months. Wax can last up to 24 months but will lose its potency after a year.

Rick Simpson Oil (RSO)

RSO contains alcohol, and its shelf life is up to 10 years if you properly store it.


Vape pens are not a product of any plant material and are usually more contained. Due to these factors, vapes can last up to three years with their potency intact; some vapes can last longer than three years.


There are different types of marijuana topicals, and each has a unique shelf life. The shelf life of oils, gels, and creams is up to twenty-four months if you properly store them. Also, marijuana-infused cosmetics have twenty-four months shelf life, depending on the ingredients it is made of.

Soaps contain alkaline features, giving them a longer shelf life, sometimes over two years.

CBD Tinctures

Most tinctures contain a high amount of alcohol, ensuring their potency remains intact over the years. The volume of alcohol in tinctures makes it the marijuana product with the longest shelf life. Also, some tinctures contain oils; they can last up to two years if stored properly.

How to Know If Your Marijuana Expired

Below are some tips to let you know when your marijuana has expired.


Your marijuana has expired if it begins to produce foul odors, such as the smell of a rotten egg. Note that some marijuana strains originally had a skunky aroma, so you must pay extra attention to determine if your marijuana has expired, especially if you purchase any of these strains.


Another evidence that your marijuana has expired is if it has a fragile or crumbling texture. To make it easier, check the texture whenever you purchase your marijuana, and get familiar with it to spot any difference when it expires.


Once your marijuana begins to develop mold, it has expired. The best way to spot mold is to look out for white fuzz and discolored spots.

How to Store Marijuana

How you store your marijuana affects its shelf life. Below are the best storage practices:

The right container

Airtight lids glass mason jars are the best for long-term marijuana storage; it ensures the aromas and flavor of the marijuana remain intact. For short-term storage, metal containers or vacuum-sealed plastic bag is the best.

Low humidity

For your marijuana to remain intact while you store it, the storage must be in a location of low humidity. High humidity necessitates high moisture, which can increase marijuana degradation. The best humidity for all marijuana products is 60%.

Avoid sunlight

Another best storage practice is storing marijuana in dark areas such as cabinets or cupboards. If you expose your marijuana to direct sunlight, you are reducing its shelf life.

Is Expired Marijuana Harmful?

Consuming any expired food item can be harmful; it may lead to several digestive issues. However, no evidence that expired marijuana causes any harm. If unsure, just dispose of the expired product.

Can You Freeze Marijuana and CBD Products?

The only instance you should freeze marijuana and CBD product is if you need a short-term storage solution. After a few days in the freezer, your cannabis loses its flavor and potency.

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