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Can You Donate Plasma If You Smoke Marijuana? 2023 Guide to Cannabis Use & Donating Blood

According to a stat by American Red Cross, someone somewhere in the United States needs blood/plasma every 2 seconds. Averagely, close to 29000 red blood cells are needed in the US daily, and a car accident victim may require up to 100 units of blood to survive. How do hospitals get this blood, how do they get people to donate, who can donate?

If you are a habitual cannabis user, you may wonder whether you are qualified to donate plasma. Several opinions have been shared concerning this vital topic, making it difficult to have a straightforward answer. This article will give you the answers you need. Here you will learn about the rules guiding plasma donation, the effect of cannabis on plasma donation and how you can adequately take care of your health.

The Rules Guiding Plasma Donation and Marijuana Use

If you are thinking of donating plasma, you must learn about the regulations guiding the donation of plasma, especially if you are a marijuana user. Each donation centre has rules to ensure they get the best blood for their patients. If you dont meet these requirements, you won’t be allowed to donate blood.

In the United States, the FDA has spelt out specific regulations, and these guidelines apply to all donation centers nationwide. The rules include some type of restrictions on individuals using certain kinds of substances and drugs. Many states have legalized marijuana, but the substance does not have federal backing.

As a result of its lack of federal acceptance, many plasma donation centers are against plasma donations from marijuana users. Knowing the rules that guide plasma donations can help you make some critical decisions about your health and the patient you are about to donate to.

What You Need to Know About Marijuana Use and Plasma Donation

Several medical practitioners have researched the effects of marijuana use on plasma donation. However, further research must be conducted to have a factual claim about the topic. Generally, once you consume cannabis, it changes your blood pressure, heart rate and blood flow. These changes can affect the quality of the plasma donated.

All donation centers have safety measures to ensure both the donor and recipients are safe, hence the restrictions on marijuana use before and after plasma donation. Apart from the regulations established by the FDA and every donation centre, honesty is another critical factor. As a donor, you must be open about marijuana use to avoid health complications for you and the recipient.

While no solid research describes how cannabis use affects blood cells, it is important to be cautious by explaining any marijuana use whenever you want to donate plasma.

Things to Know About Plasma Donation As a Cannabis User

Donating blood as a marijuana user involves careful preparation and planning to ensure that the blood donated is pure and that the donor and patient are okay after the whole process. The starting point is to get familiar with the regulations of the donation centre you are using. Many centers always instruct donors to stay away from marijuana 24-72 hours before and after donation. However, the durations differ depending on the donation centre.

Also, the effect of marijuana use differs from individual to individual. While some experience light dizziness, lightheadedness and change in blood pressure, others experience a different symptom. Your decision to open up about your marijuana use will help doctors help you in whichever way and ensure a safe donation process.

What Are the Alternatives to Plasma Donation for Marijuana Users?

Agreeing to donate your plasma is one of the best ways to help people in your immediate community. However, you may want to rethink that decision if you are a chronic marijuana user. Instead of plasma donation, there are other ways to give back to society as a cannabis user.

As a marijuana user, blood donation is another way to give back to your environment, it is closely related to plasma donation, and you will save many lives doing that. In addition, you can volunteer to join research groups looking for more evidence on the research of cannabis use on plasma.

Note that only some are eligible to take part in all these activities. However, whichever you do, make sure you put in the required effort; you know not whose life you are saving.

The Effect of Marijuana Use on Plasma Donation

Once you understand the effect of cannabis use on your health, deciding whether to donate plasma becomes easy. Research is going on to know the long-term side effects of cannabis use; however, the short-term side effects include abnormal heart rate and weak coordination.

Also, habitual marijuana consumption can cause severe issues such as chronic bronchitis, an infection that can make you ineligible to donate plasma. In addition, marijuana use can reduce the quality of your plasma, disqualifying you from donating due to health issues. To confirm your eligibility to donate plasma, the first step is to discuss your cannabis use with the doctors at the donation centre.

Disclose every essential detail to ensure that the process goes well.

Things to Consider While Daunting Plasma as a Marijuana User

The bottom line is that plasma donation is one of the best ways of helping humanity, but marijuana can affect the quality of the plasma you are donating. As a cannabis user, you must understand all the regulations of the donation centre before you donate plasma to any patient.

Discussing your marijuana usage with the doctors at the donation location will prevent some complications for you and the patients. Your revelation is also essential to making critical decisions to donate safe and healthy plasma. If you are not eligible to donate plasma, you can donate blood and your time.

Consider the health complications arising if you donate plasma while using cannabis without informing the doctors.

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